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At xJudge, we consider ourselves the Yelp of adult entertainment. If you’re looking for a great porn site, cam site or anything in between, you’ll get to find out about it right here. However, many other sites provide amazing reviews that you can enjoy for free. In fact, we try to only list review sites that offer their full reviews at no cost to you.

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Give Your Own Feedback

The amazing thing about most review sites listed here is that many of them allow you to give your own feedback. By writing user reviews, you can easily reach out to the world and let others know what your experience with a particular website was like. Most review sites, ours included, provide user review sections where you can rate the sites, give feedback and add a quick comment.

You can also browse user reviews written by other users in order to quickly gain knowledge about a site that you’ve never been to before. Reading user reviews is the best way to see what sites are like without actually visiting them, especially when you have to pay to access them such as premium porn sites.

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